The Bee Blog – May 2010

Welcome Back Everyone!!We missed you!

We heard our keeper say that the market was starting again this weekend. That means it’s time for us to write a newsletter.

We’ve had a terrific winter. Only five hives were lost out of the 56 that went into the winter. If you remember, our keeper also made 15 nukes (baby beehives) to make up for any losses that would occur in the larger hives. Nine of those nukes survived. Six didn’t but that was her own fault. The keeper made them too strong and they swarmed late in the Fall – too late for the new queen to mate properly. Hey, they’ll learn and get it right for the next time.

Next week at least thirty more beehives will be made. I think the “keeper”is getting
ready for that young fellow, her son, to start looking after us. Hope he’s as nice as she is.

Spring came early this year and it’s been busy around here. We’ve all been given our pollen patties and some sugar syrup to do us until the natural sources become available. Now it’s dandelion time and boy do we love that. Lots of pollen and nectar! Yum, Yum! I know that not all of you like the dandelions but just think of us when you see them. It’s food for our hive and for all the other natural pollinators out there. We need that pollen to feed to our larvae and our young – it’s protein for them. Our hive numbers cannot increase without it.

The next few weeks we’ll spend our time collecting food and increasing our numbers in the hive. We want to be strong hives for when we go on the blueberry fields. We’ll need to pollinate all those flowers so that you can enjoy blueberries later in the year. That’s a lot of work but we know you appreciate what we do.

For those of you with computers, here’s a web site to check out if you are looking for “honey”recipes: – just key in honey and you’ll get more recipes then you will probably ever get around to trying.

Till the next time!