The Bee Blog – August 2007

Early Cornect Family Farm Logo - Aug 2007Hey there! Look at me! Pretty cute, eh? I’m the new “ top bee” around here and soon you will see a picture of me on pretty well all of the liquid/creamed honey and honey butter labels.

I have to tell you, that honey stuff is some good! (I know what you’re thinking. That bee has done a fair bit of snacking herself! And you’re right! Um –um!!) Why all the change, you ask? Well, the Government has said that by the end of this year, anyone selling their product through someone else (in our case Glenhill Berry Farm, the Bennett Market and Christensen’s Vegetable Farm) must have nutritional labeling on all those products. Also, any restaurants we sell to and who use our honey in their cooking/baking require the same information. This is so that you, the consumer, can make an informed decision about the food that you purchase. All of these products will now have a label with my picture on it and the nutritional content for those products. Cool eh!

You might even notice a name change – from “Margaret Cornect’s Bees and Honey Products” to “The Cornect Family Farm” – but don’t worry, all products will still taste the same and be of the same great quality. However, these same regulations do not apply when our product is sold directly to you, our customer, at the Antigonish Farmer’s Market. Therefore you will notice that the labeling on the Honey Sweetened Jams and Jellies along with a few other products will not change for the time being. Maybe I can sneak my picture on them though…hummm…

We’ve been keeping pretty busy, but the weather hasn’t co-operated very much. Our keeper took off some honey a week ago, but only a little over 200lbs.With all this rain, the nectar is watered down too much, but we will keep trying. Hopefully better days are ahead. A bear has been visiting the bee yards again. Getting into all kinds of trouble!! He messed up four hives (which our keeper can hopefully save) and completely destroyed another two. I hope we don’t see him again. There should be some blueberries for him to feast on soon. Some of you may have noticed that our keeper has been trying out a few new recipes over the past couple of weeks, having them for you to sample.

The first one was “Honey Orange Butter”. It is made with honey, butter, orange peel and orange juice. Delicious when served on toast, waffles, bagels or cinnamon raisin bread. This product was well received and will be back shortly.

Cherry Orange marmalade – fresh Bing cherries combined with a whole orange, a bit of lemon juice and a smidgeon of honey. There is a limited supply. She only got the recipe right just as the berries were almost finished.

Something back for another year is The Honey Ladies “Million Dollar Relish”, sweetened with honey and delicious with Terry’s sausages. If you are buying a sausage from Terry/Mary Boyle, give it a try. It’s a relish that’s not too sweet. Delicious if used to make your own tarter sauce. (1-cup mayonnaise, 1 tbsp. Relish, 1 tbsp onion flakes and½tsp parsley flakes. Yum, yum)

Soon the blueberry jam will have to be made – you can check with our Keeper on this. Until next time …!